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VMBA Trail Grant Projects!

Your participation in action! VMBA has awarded five chapters trail building grants for 2015. Fellowship of the Wheel was awarded $6100 for maintenance on the Carse Hills trail network including benching, out-sloping, de-rooting, tread-widening, and general shred preparation. Carse Hills is one of the gems of Fellowship's network - combining a challenging climb to the top of an old-growth beech forest ridge top with an all-time descent that combines the best of technical cross-country with Vermont-style natural features that challenge all riders. As part of RASTA’s ongoing long term proposal with the USFS, RASTA will be using $2100 of VMBA......more

Annual Meeting Recap

The annual meeting was a big success. Over 40 riders, chapter reps and the VMBA board were all in attendance to learn more about 2015 accomplishments, our goals for next year, and go over the finances. Most importantly, the association had five new awesome folks join the board of directors: Rachael Mascolino, Jason Gibbs, Clarissa Finks, Alan Hebert, and Shannon King. Questions from the floor ranged from membership program performance this year, the specifics attached to the '15 chapter model, and strategies to increase rider participation. A new "trail pass" concept was introduced with the goal of augmenting out of......more

Stay updated on new membership opportunity!

Haven't picked up your membership yet, but are loving the great riding in Vermont? Did you know that the '14/'15 membership season is only half over? No problem - you're covered with a deal that even you can't refuse! VMBA is offering a combo membership that will run through April of 2016 for $73.50!! VMBA benefits are loaded with ski deals and shop discounts that run through the entire winter to keep your fat biking all warm and tuned up....more