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Vermont - Utah Connection

Outdoor Retailer and Utah have been in the news a lot lately. President Obama designated the Bears Ears area a National Monument earlier this year in the face of intense opposition from state lawmakers, local ranchers and the oil lobby. The Governor of Utah is making moves to reverse Obama's action, which tipped the first domino - Patagonia decided to opt out of OR if it was to be hosted in Utah. Other companies followed suit and protested Utah's Governor by leaving OR. Money talks - OR published that it is entertaining proposals from alternative host cities. The recent controversy......more

The Ends Meet

The combination of riders and chapters is special. So special, in fact, that VMBA is the only statewide mountain bike organization of its kind in the country (as we do in VT). As we continue to set the pace for riding advocacy, we have two big initiatives in '17 that may interest you. We all understand that Vermont is a popular destination for riders across the region and beyond. For many commercial entities this is a great opportunity. Ideally, these augmented opportunities translate into more support for the trails (more on that in a minute). We know that out of......more

Just One Penny

In case you missed it, there has been an article created at VMBA.ORG that summarizes the last newsletter, which focused on VMBA's approach to trail diversity and out of state riders. The other primary topics revealed in the rider survey included defining our value to state leadership and educating new riders about trail/riding etiquette. In this newsletter we're going to focus on our relationship with state leadership. Research has shown that if someone offers you free Hershey's Kisses - you would take one, maybe two. If that same person offered to sell you as many Hershey's kisses as you wanted......more