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How does this new membership program work?

VMBA and chapters are working hard to implement a new, more valuable membership platform for riders. Our new model provides exceptional value for riders, supports chapters, develops partnerships, and creates a voice for our riding community. The new membership program is a shift and reflects how much mountain biking has evolved in Vermont. The association is excited to share the specifics of the new membership program with riders. Keep reading! Our association has focused on three phases of development since the summer of 2012. Ensuring chapters had an administrative infrastructure was our first priority. To accomplish this, VMBA created an......more

2014 Challenge - JUST ONE!

How many riders would you say are in Vermont? The VMBA board and a few of our partners would guess there are over 12,000 people riding at least once a week in Vermont. Next, take a moment and guess how many riders are members of chapters ? If your guess was over 1850 you would be incorrect. Membership is the fuel that builds and repairs our trails each year, produces effective advocacy, promotes sponsorship, and increases opportunities to secure partnerships and grants. VMBA needs the help of those loyal to the cause and who understand the process - that's you!......more