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VMBA Ambassadors

It was great to finally feel a warm breeze in the air last week and enjoy a sunny weekend of riding in Vermont. As more riders make it out to the trails they're likely to see a few new things this year. Do you have your green membership strip on your bike? These strips signify your understanding of the energy and dedication it takes to build our amazing trails. The new statewide membership collaboration supports the efforts of your local chapter through the trail grant program and a full suite of administrative benefits, which grows through your membership. Beyond the......more

Green membership strip for your bike

Picture yourself riding on your favorite trail. You and your chapter have worked hard to raise funds, hosted trail days, and maybe hired a professional builder to design and construct what is now the network you spend quality time with friends and family. Do you ever wonder how many people riding your trails support and appreciate them as much as you do? Does seeing deep mud bike ruts after a rain on your trials drive you crazy? This year members will be sent benefits, stickers and a little green membership strip. VMBA and chapters are asking members to proudly display......more