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VMBA Chapter Trail Grant

Each year VMBA seeks sponsorship to support the amazing work of chapters. Most often volunteers, these folks work all season long to produce a critical element of the sweet riding scene in Vermont. VMBA take an active role through the VMBA Trails Grant. To further support chapters, VMBA sponsors a trail building clinic. Taught by experienced and talented builders, the clinic provides all chapters with building best practices and facilitates connections between builders and representatives from Forest Parks and Recreation, and the Forest Service. 

2014 Trail Grant Awardees:

Fellowship of the Wheel - $6100 for trail work on the Carse Hill property
Mad River Riders - $2100 for continued efforts on the Blueberry Lake network
Brewster River Riders - $1880 for trail design and new construction
RASTA - $1500 for work on new trail connector 
Middlebury Bike Club - $500 for trail signage. 

2015 Trail Grant Awardees

The 2016 trail grant will total $32,500! Stay tuned to learn where your next favorite trail will be built! 

VMBA is proud to support the great work of our chapters!