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Organizational Records/Activity

IRS 990: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Prepared by Justin Bull 
PO Box 906
Richmond, VT 05477

VMBA Bylaws Strategic Plan '13-2016 Public Land Position Paper

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes - 2017

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes - 2016

VMBA’s primary purpose is to create meaningful connections between people that share a passion for Vermont singletrack.

RIDERS: The riding community in Vermont is an assembly of passionate people with diverse perspectives. It is the role of your VMBA to align perspectives among riders with focused association advocacy efforts. Individual riders set the tone at every level: trail diversity, event attendance, membership, displaying the strip, engaging in social media, etc. Riders are encouraged to consider participating on a chapter's board. 

CHAPTERS: VMBA chapters represent the very best of the association and Vermont. They are the living illustration of how to effectively bridge a rich past to a bright future. Mountain biking in Vermont preceded VMBA for decades. Twenty-five years ago there wasn’t a need for organized representation. The sport’s popularity has exploded and Vermont has developed a reputation for great riding. The chapters are central to ensuring that trails are well designed, built and maintained. In tandem with chapters, VMBA will meets their commitment with an equal level of support through a full suite of administrative benefits. 

STATE LEADERSHIP: Over 70% of chapter trails reside on private land. Landowners will continue to be an important part of Vermonter’s access to outdoor recreation. Expanding our outdoor recreation infrastructure will require a close partnership with state leadership and public land managers. This access must be met with the requisite level of support from state leadership and the business community that benefits from the infrastructure constructed and maintained by Vermont nonprofits.

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