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VMBA is Hiring!

We have good news and great news! The association has grown by nine chapters in the last year, tripled membership in two years, significantly boosted fat biking access and is aggressively pursuing a number of impactful initiatives. The good news? We're busy! The great news? We're hiring more help! The association has a 20-25 hour/wk. position open for the right candidate looking for nonprofit administrative experience. VMBA has learned a lot developing the new membership model and stewards important relationships of all types. This is a great opportunity to be a part of "what makes it tick." Please help us......more

Trail Rider is out!

Just in case you haven't heard....The Vermont Peanut Butter Company has produced some more Vermont goodness with their new Trail Rider . A portion of every sale goes towards advocating for more trails! That's right - you buy, enjoy and get more trails - easy-peasey! Go here to get yours today:

Learn. Change. Grow. Repeat.

VMBA has embarked on new initiatives this year that will translate into more great riding. The Regional Membership Alliance Pilot is underway. We all know that out of state riders enjoy your trails on a regular basis, which is great news in many cases. The goal of the new program is to provide an easy way for them to make a contribution. After joining their local organization they will be routed to "add-on" VMBA. It's clear that many visiting riders are more than willing to make a contribution, but access to doing so needed improvement. In a recent survey 93%......more