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MTB Regional Alliance

We all understand that Vermont is a popular destination for riders across the region and beyond. We know that out of state riders travel here to ride six or more times a year - that's a lot given we are located within a 10 hour drive of 80 million people. VMBA chapters share a common interest focused on encouraging support from all of the riders enjoying the trails. Other networks in our region have a similar interest. 

In response to this feedback, VMBA has partnered with multiple regional organizations and assembled the Northeast Mountain Bike Alliance. The purpose of the group is to share ideas, promotional opportunities/discounts and offer reciprocal membership. More riders discovering Vermont is inevitable. The Northeast is filled with riders that travel regularly to ride - why not collaborate and get everyone a good deal while obtaining more support for all of the trails? The goal is simple - to encourage more support for our trails in a way that VMBA chapters, and other organizations, can use once nonresidents have traveled back home. The following organizations are in the network:

  • JORBA - Jersey Off Road Bike Association
  • MH&T - Maine Huts & Trails 
  • NYCMTB - New York City Mountain Bike Association
  • CLIMB - Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers
  • Barkeater Trails Alliance - Lake Placid
  • SMBA - Saratoga Mountain Bike Association 

Do you travel to any of these areas to ride? If so, consider sharing some support for their trails and join them. The cornerstone of the alliance is the assurance that riders are supporting their home state's trails first and then branching out for other opportunities to share some love for other trails enjoyed.

When you join/renew keep an eye out for the list of partners and links in your confirmation email.