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Are You a Landowner?

The goal of this page is share an appreciation for the special role that private landowners play in Vermonters' recreational pursuits. Over 70% of VMBA chapters' sanctioned trails are on private land. In may cases private land connects larger networks creating remarkable riding experiences.

Through its advocacy, VMBA represents the interests of landowners by encouraging thoughtful relationships with chapters and providing clarity around Act 250 and landowner liability in Vermont. Further, VMBA is the only statewide outdoor recreation nonprofit in the country that has created opportunities for our chapters to utilize federal funding for projects on private land without seeking an easement. The association also provides insurance covering landowners that host mountain biking trails on their land. These resources are listed here. Please feel free to call the association with any questions. 

Landowner Access Agreement

Landowner Liability Act

Vermont Act 250 Summary  

VMBA Insurance Summary

Questions for Those Wishing to Build on Your Land


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Environmental Impacts of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking - More Impact? 

The riding in Vermont is like nowhere else in the country for few different reasons. The combination of our remarkable public land managers is unmatched by any other state from a local and federal perspective. Private landowners have a rich history of being dedicated to all Vermonters having access to amazing outdoor experiences, which the legislature supports through the Landowner Liability Act. The VMBA chapters are made up of an unbelievable force of advocates dedicated to building trails, hosting events and stewarding countless landowner relationships. Our chapters are united through the association and our voice is gaining momentum.

Vermont is like nowhere else and that's just the way we like it.