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VTPB's Special Blend for VMBA!

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The Vermont Peanut Butter Company is playing a strong role in getting more riders on remarkable Vermont trails - and well fed while out there! From April 1st through August 1st the company will be distributing a special blend designed for riders in Vermont. A portion of sales will go directly to the association in support of ongoing, successful advocacy.

The Vermont Peanut Butter Company thrives on spreading good health, living healthy lifestyles and participating in family fun. "VMBA to me is the mirror image of this, in its protection of land for trails to be enjoyed by riders of all ages. I love mountain biking and the wonderful benefits it provides. We could not be happier to contribute any way we can to VMBA, and supporting one of our delicious, natural energy creations seems to be the perfect way." Chris Kaiser, Founder, President, VTPB. 

“VTPB's sponsorship is a meaningful part of VMBA's ability to advocate for natural places and create stronger connections among riders.” Tom Stuessy, Executive Director, VMBA

So what is the new flavor? Honey peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and oats will fill every jar of "TRAIL RIDER" - be sure to be on the look out for the VMBA logo.