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VMBA Ambassadors

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It was great to finally feel a warm breeze in the air last week and enjoy a sunny weekend of riding in Vermont. As more riders make it out to the trails they're likely to see a few new things this year. Do you have your green membership strip on your bike? These strips signify your understanding of the energy and dedication it takes to build our amazing trails. The new statewide membership collaboration supports the efforts of your local chapter through the trail grant program and a full suite of administrative benefits, which grows through your membership.

Beyond the strips riders may see one of our incredible ambassadors sharing VMBA's good news with riders. In the end, we're all ambassadors of sorts. We all have a favorite trail, chapter; type of bike, and of course, style of trail. Each time we voice a preference it has an impact on those around us. VMBA and our ambassadors are eager to meet you, learn more about your preferences, and answer questions about what VMBA is up to. Chapters work tirelessly to design, build, and maintain our favorite trails. If you happen to come across an ambassador sharing some news with riders, be sure to give a shout of support. The sound of our collective voice has meaning and will resonate with riders on our trails. The result is easy, more members = more trails.