13 New Trail Projects in ’18

VMBA, members and chapters united to supported 13 chapter trail grant proposals totaling $50,000 this year! A strong annual fund makes this possible and ensures that the advocacy voice of riders remains strong and effective.
Thirteen chapters are starting new trail projects this year because of your participation. Here’s the quick recap:
  • Fellowship – New 3+ mile trail in Sleepy Hollow…
  • MAMBA – New pump track in Montpelier
  • WAMBA – New loop and parking area for the Aqueduct Trails
  • Upper Valley – boulder moving equipment to share with other chapters
  • Slate Valley – professional design for new trail in Lake St. Catherine S.P.
  • STAB – bridging and boardwalk material
  • Richmond – New network and anchor trail to existing network
  • RASTA – Phase two, downhill section behind the Rochester Ranger Sta.
  • Mad River – A continuation of the ever-popular Evolution Trail
  • Hoot Toot & W. – Trail expansion in partnership with Wilmington schools
  • BATS – Local trail building workshop with Sinuosity
  • WATA – Perry Hill maintenance operations
  • WATA/Stowe – A project that will define the standard of long-term MTB planning

VMBA has meaningfully linked the goals of chapters through shared trail days, add-on memberships, Trailside Fix Clinics, shared events and most importantly, YOU – the rider that loves it all! As a key part of our united community you can ensure projects like these get the support they need. The best part? You keep getting the best riding around!

Connectivity is the name of the game these days. A project to make this a reality in Vermont has been taking shape for almost two years. The “Velomont Trail” is officially underway! The long-term project will link Killington to Stowe through partnerships with the US Forest Service, Forests, Parks & Recreation, multiple private landowners, and the long-range vision and focus of five VMBA chapters. The family farmers working with our friends at Cabot Cheese have stepped up as the title sponsor.

Stay tuned for VMBA’s brand spankin’ new website this spring loaded with added features for every rider! The family farmers of Cabot Cheese, are making this possible.